Three card Monte

The three card monte there is possibly one of the most famous card tricks you can perform. I’ll go over here in this tutorial. If you are a beginner and you want to look at some other card tricks here is a selection of easy card tricks with tutorials. The other thing I recommend looking into your options of having a specific deck that opens up the potential to do other tricks such as Svengali deck and using bicycle cards to perform tricks.

The history of three card monte

The world famous three card Monte also known as find the lady is played worldwide usually by hustlers and con men. It’s not really a game at all and only people who don’t understand it get suckered in and usually lose a lot of money. This trick is over 500 years old but still works today because when you see it in action and see the simplicity of it you think there is very little chance you could possibly lose. This is also usually enhanced by having a “shill” or a confederate who is in on the trick making the wrong bet a few times where as the observer you know he has made a mistake and can blatantly tell where the correct card is. With your new levels of confidence you enter the game thinking its sure money. But when you do things in the game change dramatically and if you follow the lady you are almost always going to be wrong. How the dealer throws the card down makes all the difference this trick is incredibly easy to perform and you will almost always win. It’s what is known as a short con.

How to play 3 card monte

the game is incredibly easy to play. The dealer places free cards face down on a table, this is usually a cardboard box as it provides a good surface to quickly pick up and put down cards. The dealer then shows the player even just the target card are all the cards. The target card is usually Queen hence its other name find the lady. The dealer then makes what seems to be a series of incredibly simple rearrangements of the cards which make you absolutely confident that you know exactly where the lady is. The player then place the bet if they’re right they get their stake back posts same amount again. If they are wrong they lose it all. Hustlers use it all the time watch it in action in this hassle video below.

and also included another video showing three card monte and explaining a little more detail the most important thing is throwing the top card down when you have two cards pinched in your hand. just practice a little bit and you’ll get a really good effects and reactions.