Bicycle Cards

There are many different ways to do magic tricks with cards. You’ve got the obvious stacking the cards in a specific way tricks such as the trick. Peeking cards before are after your subjects is chosen their card is also another way of making predictions tricks work. What will focus on here is bicycle cards. If you’ve never heard of bicycle cards before you might be wondering what they have to do with bikes. Nothing in the traditional sense but the way that the pattern on the back of the card is set up looks like bicycle spokes. Bicycle cards are also very popular and what aroused suspicion they been in manufacture since 1885 and it’s a very popular brand of card there are also very good deal with an excellent choice and very popular with magicians mentalists.

Using a marked deck is one of the easiest ways to guarantee you going to win card games and make accurate predictions with card tricks. Can’t lose if you know exactly what card your subject has regardless of what shuffling they have done to the deck. This is what bicycle card allows you to do. The way the back of the card is set up allows you to mark the deck in a very subtle way that no one without prior knowledge to bicycle cards would ever really notice.

Buying bicycle cards

Bicycle cards are usually very similar but they do come in quite a few different varieties I would avoid ones that draw any extra attention to themselves. The whole point of a bicycle card is to make other people think there’s absolutely nothing unusual about the deck. Whilst custom playing cards look very nice don’t think you should mix custom playing cards with bicycle cards it all just raise a little bit too much suspicion. And if you using bicycle cards is likely that you want to be else you use a marked deck.


This is the type of bicycle card referring to. It’s a traditional bicycle card but half of it’s and red half of it in blue. This immediately raises suspicions me making me think that there’s something wrong with the deck of cards. And I would avoid it.

I would also avoid pre-marked bicycle cards. I really don’t know why these exist with a pack of plain bicycle cards you can mark the deck in such a way that you know every card is and it’s very subtle. With the pre-marked deck they usually come with the value of the card written on the back of the card somewhere subtly. I really don’t think is good enough if it has an ace on the back even if it’s hidden with other patterns I still think it’s too much of a risk if someone really investigates the deck so I’d avoid cards like this. The card shown below is a pre-marked bicycle card, it’s an ace and I think it’s just a little bit too blatant are sure you are much more hidden away of marking plain bicycle cards. The bicycle cards I recommend are these which can buy from Amazon . I will Show you how to effectively marked the deck now .

Marked Deck
take a look at this deck is been marked and you can tell exactly what the card is. It’s probably easy to notice once drawn attention to it but if you are just playing cards with someone and they had that card is very unlikely that they would think anything suspicious about it.

On the right hand side you can see the five little spokes and one of them has been filled in. The spokes refer to the suit of the card. Working from left to right the sports refer to first spades, hearts, clubs and then diamonds. You can remember this with a simple memory mnemonic by counting from the left. So number one will be spades it only has one point, number two will be hearts it has to bumps, number three will be clubs there are three bumps and number four is diamonds because as four points. So the card above is from the heart suits.

Next you need to get the value which is shown in the top left corner by the flower. In this particular case it’s a number two because the top petal is missing. The method is fully demonstrated and explained in this YouTube video.

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