Self Working Card Tricks

Self working card tricks are a favourite amongst beginners and experienced veterans as well. A self working card trick means that the card trick does the work itself and isn’t really reliant upon you to perform sleight of hand or misdirection. There are some really good self working card tricks you can perform with Svengali deck that some excellent reactions providing the audience are familiar with the Svengali deck themselves. If you’re interested in self working card tricks because you knew tricks you might also want to check out our page easy card tricks for beginners.

On this page the “talk specifically about self working card tricks and give a few examples in tutorials on how to do them.

Split the deck self working trick.

Bryan from scam school has a pretty good trick here. I don’t really have to say much or explain how he does it as the video is really good. He performs the trick and then gives a detailed explanation to how to do the trick. The only problem with this video is the adverts! The trick itself uses mathematics to always make the last 3 card you reveal be the 3 cards that the subjects choose at the start. It will definitely take a little bit of practice to make sure that you can count out 15 cards quickly without raising suspiction. Also the cutting isn’t always necessary and if you do it make sure you do a convincing job. I find people tend to want to actually start shuffling the cards for you if they don’t think you are doing a convincing job with the fake cut and fake shuffle. Watch the video below.

Easy self working card trick using maths

I know that this card trick mentions that it’s using maths but its not really that much of a problem you don’t have to calculate anything or remember any numbers it’s a self working trick after all. The thing that you do need to do however is be able to cut the cards to either the 25, 26, 27 or 28th card. It doesn’t matter which one as long as its one of those cards the trick will work. It’s a very neat card trick. Sometimes using mathematical algorithms and cards slips right under the radar of the subject. Its very difficult to see how this trick works unless you are incredibly mathematically minded or if you are a magician yourself. Watch it below