Easy Card Tricks

everyone knows a good card trick is part the foundation of many magicians magical acts. On this page is and when to focus on card tricks the beginners and easy card tricks. I’ll show you some very simple card tricks which are pretty good and also ones that seem elaborate and complicated and also get an excellent response from the audience but again are pretty easy. Now that split into two categories the first would be magic tricks where you use an normal deck of cards and the other is where there is something altered with the deck of cards. You can use very subtly marked decks of cards like bicycle cards tricks or you can even perform Wallasey easy magic tricks using a Svengali deck tricks. The only thing with a Svengali deck is although the very powerful it’s a little bit of an old trick and depending on your audience they may not have it’s done.

Cool easy card tricks the normal deck of cards


Easiest card trick ever for beginners

This is a pretty easy card trick with a pretty good effect it’s not the greatest card trick but it does use the mimic principle which is incredible effective with magic card tricks. I’ll also show how to use another mimic card trick in a later example.


For this trick titled the “easiest card trick ever for beginners” you need a pack of cards in the video magician is using bicycle cards but they are not marked so any kind of cards will do. Shuffle the cards or have someone shuffle them and tell the spectator to cut anywhere they want. Then lay the cards out face up in front of the spectator taking note of the fourth card down.

Next as the spectator to cut the deck and tell them that your going to look at the fourth card down on one half of the cards (the half where you don’t know what the value is) and it will tell you what the fourth card down on the other half is. Take note of this card as you need it to repeat the trick. You are in all the fourth card down is on the other half of the card so just tell them going to the fourth Garden show them. You also know know the fourth card down was on the other side of the pack so the trick can be repeated


Have a peak

Perhaps the most basic card trick you can use is asking someone to pick a card and then you making a prediction and get that card right. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways of doing this trick surely one very simple Here using a warp peak method.


there are tons the ways during a peak trick in the one above the magician asks you to pick a card once you’ve made the selection before we let it down on the table he carefully warps the card enough so that you can view the value of the card. He is using bicycle cards which are very easily marked but in this instance as he explains he bends the top card to sneak a peek. Very simple.


Easy Mentalism card trick

The key to this trick relies on a few fundamentals of performing magic and you need to have a little bit of confidence to tell the subject what to do without suspicion. You want to glance the top card and control the shuffle so you keep the card you want to force on top. Next you will ask the subject to cut the deck anywhere you want. Next comes the part where they may notice the trick and you have to try and act normal. Once they make the cut you want to stack the cards one perpendicular ontop of the other. But you are going to stack the half of cards that they cut on top of the original top card. This isn’t the card they cut to but the force card that you have planted hopefully they won’t notice and you can reveal their card however you see fit.


Another Easy Mentalism card trick

I really like this trick its very effective not only because its an excellent mentalism trick but also because it really gets the subject involved. You are not just asking them to pick a card and then then you predict it. What you do is you actually get the participant evolved in the whole act you tell them that they have the power to make accurate predictions or have ESP however appropriate that you want. Watch the video first and I will explain. It’s a pretty powerful magic trick for the reasons explained above but don’t worry its also very easy to perform. The video wont tell you how to perform this magic trick so I will explain after.

Pretty effective eh? Well its already using one of the principles already described on this page and that is the mind mimic trick which is fantastic for people new to card tricks. Notice around 1:05 he gives her a card to inspect and says “this is an 8” that’s misdirection and if she paid a little attention to JJ she would of seen that he blatantly peaked the bottom card which was the six of hearts. Now the trick might make sense.

He then spreads out the card on the table making sure he knows exactly where the last card is (the six of hearts) this is the first card that he asks her to pick up and she chooses the wrong card but that’s what he wants. He then looks at that card and plays it off as if he is checking if she is right but doesn’t let her check, that’s very important for the illusion. When he looks at the card he tells her to pick up that card as her next card. I’ll explain in a diagram to help.


A very cool trick and it uses the mind mimic principle again. JJ has a fantastic course which is on special offer at the moment for a limited time where he teaches you his best magic secrets. I don’t think there is a better way to learn easy and impressive card tricks than to buy a course from a full time professional magician. You are going to learn a lot faster and a lot better material than stuff that is available on Youtube. Check out his course here.