Official Magic

Magic has captivated the imagination of almost everyone to witness it for thousands of years. To do the seemingly impossible right before your eyes builds a fascination and excitement that only Magic can achieve. It challenges everything you have ever learnt in your life about physics and the practical world, the more impossible the trick the greater the confusion. This underlines the impact and awe you leave your crowd as they wonder how your act was possible, how did you do it? The audience’s brains go in overdrive examining all possibilities of how the feat was performed, whist the magician stands calming and without being a mind reader you know every single audience members thoughts, “how did you do it, tell me”. As we all know a magician never reveals his secrets…. Until now.

Magic has universal appeal no matter what culture or in what land if you can do the seemingly impossible you are going to capture people imaginations.  It doesn’t even have to be a grand David Copperfield making the statue of liberty disappear act, a simple card or coin trick is all that is needed to dazzle recipients, hence the huge number of street magicians. The magic of an act lies in keeping the audience wonder how it was possible, once the audience knows how an act is performed it loses it magic. In this fallacy lies a conundrum, if when a magician reveals his secrets it is no longer appealing to anyone how would you go about learning magic as it has to remain a closely guarded secret.

The magic circle use to be a very closed organisation but information gets leaked from time to time and If you knew the right people you could learn first hand how to do some amazing magic tricks. As with everything time changes things and now in the internet era it’s very easy to get in contact with people willing to share and teach magic. The first secret in magic is that anyone can do it, you don’t have to be able to invent new tricks (though that is awesome), you don’t have to have lightning fast reflexes or willing assistants you just need to be able to find someone to teach you. You have a few really good options here.

There are a few magiicans that have left the magic circle and have helped hundreds of others to learn how to perform awe inspiring magic.

Free Magic Live

Jay jay a full time professional magician from can give you one-on-one magic coaching it’s an excellent place to start. He can teach you how to do excellent magic tricks and how to make money and become a professional magician. Watch the video on his site to find out more about what he can give you. Follow this link if you want to learn from Jay Jay

Learn Easy Magic

Bryan Dean professional magician for 36 years owned one of the largest magic websites and also wrote many articles for for 5 and a half years. Learn easy magic gives you 4 magic books available to download immediately. “Magic with money”, “Amazing card Magic”, “Mind reading magic” and “Magic with everyday objects”. All four books are available for a limited time offer price of $27 and it comes with a money back guarantee. check out his credientials and what he is offering at his site

Master Mentalism

If you want something a little bit different from the normal illusionist and you prefer the magic of Darren Brown where it seems like you can read peoples minds and use the power of suggestion to predict their actions then you may be interested in the Mentalist type of magic. Go to and download their free repost.