There are many ways of giving the appearance that you have the ability to read minds. You can use nail writers to write down the answer once you know it, you can also use a mimic mind reading technique to write down the answer once you know it. You can use sleight of hand to change the answers. You can use power of suggestion to give someone the idea and implant an idea in their head once done this or you do is relayed back to them and they think that you’ve read their mind.
There are lots of different methods to use to give the appearance of read in mind all these can be used in conjunction and implemented in different ways in different techniques and illusions. Being creative and taking principles and adapter for your own acts is one the best ways to make an impressive show. In the mind reading section of this website and Gwent cover quite a few different techniques and options you had to give the ability to the can read minds. Some of the techniques are a little bit gimmicky and will get a little reaction out of people, the think it’s pretty cool. Others done correctly like the book trick can really blows your audience away. It wasn’t even that long ago when I last performed but trick to just one person just to brush up on my skills. The performance gave was very good and I sold the act perfectly and the reaction I got is unforgettable. Mind reading tricks are some of the best for reactions.