Magic card tricks are one of the corner stones of any magician’s performance. You rarely see any acts that don’t’ include card tricks. You can perform magic without using cards but there are such a huge variety of amazing card tricks it would be silly to ignore them. This is especially true if you are a fan of or wanting to perform street magic.

There are a tremendous variety of different magic tricks with cards and we have broken them down to try and make it simpler for you to learn specific types of card tricks. We have easy card tricks which is probably the best place to start if you are a beginner, tricks you can perform with bicycle cards and ways in which you can use bicycle cards. Self working card tricks, Svengali deck tricks and the world famous 3 card monte. Each of these sections over than the three card monte has a variety of card tricks and tutorials to help you learn magic tricks with cards. We will also be frequently updating and adding tricks.

Easy card tricks for beginners

The title is pretty self-explanatory this is where I recommend you go if you are new to magic and want to learn some easy card tricks.

You can also look at self-working tricks and other specific types of cards you can use (bicycle and Svengali deck) to perform impressive yet relatively easy magic tricks.

Self-working card tricks

self working card tricks are called that because there is a lot of work involved in your side. Usually involves setting the cards up. Or using mathematical algorithms to do the work for you. You don’t need to learn sleight of hand tricks or clever shuffling techniques. You simply have the routine set up and the cards do the work for you. You can find a few self-working card tricks here.

Bicycle cards

There are a variety of cards that you can use, bicycle cards are among the most popular they been used for generations. They aren’t trick deck it’s a normal deck of cards are really good quality make easy to manipulate but you can also mark a very easily without other people noticing. Also because are so popular if you do decide to mark them normal really suspect anything as it’s a common brand. Find more about bicycle cards here

Svengali deck

a Svengali deck is a special deck of cards the cards come with two different sizes and if you rifle it one way you will only see the small cards which is the force card of the pack. If you are full back of cards the other way you would just see the normal cards. Also when the cards are cut you can always guarantee that the card on top of the cut will be the force card. There are some really magic tricks with cards you can play a Svengali deck which can find here

3 card monte

We have decided to dedicate an entire page to this trick alone its one of the most famous card tricks and hussles around. Its made famous from movies and street hustlers and conmen whom can make serious money quickly and the punter will always lose. It’s a very old con over 500 years old and only takes a few minutes to learn and will immediately help you realise how card control and misdirection is paramount in magic acts and illusions. See the three card monte tutorial here

Most of these card tricks in these sections are aimed towards purists card tricks and beginner card tricks that also from cool card tricks in their what if you want card tricks that make it seem like you can read someone’s mind then read the content in our how to read minds section. Spoiler alert we don’t actually teach you how to read minds, which show you how to create the illusion that you can read someone’s mind. The other type of magic you can use card tricks for is mentalism. We have a whole section of the website dedicate towards how to learn mentalism tricks on how to be a mentalist. A lot of these tricks also involve the use of cards but it’s well worth checking out to complement your already growing card skills.

The other thing I recommend if you really want to learn magic card tricks is to invest a little bit of money into a program that is dedicate was teaching you card tricks. You can learn quite a bit from watching YouTube videos and stain on this website we will learn an awful lot more and better quality tricks if you get a course such as the master mentalism course which comes with a bonus of 500 card tricks for free. You can also get a free high quality video tutorial from the same course for no obligation here