Svengali Deck

Let’s face it card tricks are a staple of any magician’s acts. Some magicians have it acts entirely based around card tricks without involving any house. The something elusive about being able to use playing cards as people are familiar with them and the summit avenues you can take with making card tricks but spectacular. A lot of card tricks rely upon peak methods to look at the bottom cards and in performing such acts you need to create misdirection to give the opportunities to have a peak. You can of course shuffle and arrange the stack so cards are paired from there you can only split the deck and cut the deck you were a game you want build to perform the trick. Bicycle cards are incredibly popular and it’s a very effective way of marking the deck. Once you have a marked deck very easy to perform prediction tricks as you know exactly what cards they taken. Another way to achieve excellent card trick magic is by using a Svengali deck.

Svengali deck


You Might not be familiar with a Svengali deck especially if you’re new to magic. If you haven’t seen magic using a Svengali deck before I suggest you watch these magic tricks first to get an idea of the type of performance you can use of a Svengali deck of cards.

I think that is quite a good act there are a few places where he makes mistakes but he manages to recover well. Obviously the something a little peculiar about that deck it does offer all have multiple ace of diamonds in it. But he still manages to perform pretty neat tricks with it.

All these magic tricks with a Svengali deck are self working card tricks. If you haven’t seen the Central Valley that before the new polo need to magic because spend our deck is nothing new Burling Hull is thought to invented the deck over 100 years ago in 1909.

How does a Svengali Deck work

remember once you know then the magic is lost. A Svengali deck is incredibly simple principle it’s a normal deck with shorter cards included within the deck. In the example above the shorter cards are the ace of diamonds. The really clever part is when you rifle through the deck front to back only the normal full-size cards are shown so it appears that you have a normal deck. And when you rifle through the cards back to front then only the shorter cards will be shown. Because you going to grab the larger cards whenever the cards are caught the card that is on top of the bottom of the cut will always be the shorter card. It doesn’t matter if you cut the cards or if the subject cuts the cards. You can keep building on the illusion but usually the climax of the act involves showing all the cards being the one that the subject pick first as shown in the example.

Svengali cards are great for beginners one to learn cool easy card tricks. They make tricks that seem very difficult and elaborate very simple to perform. You can get an excellent pair of Svengali cards here

if you want is more inspiration here are some excellent Svengali card tricks