Mentalism Tricks Tutorial

To get good at mentalism. It takes practice. He got some tutorials view that should help you on your road to becoming a mentalist. You may be familiar with some of these tricks or it may be the first time you’ve ever seen them. These are simple mentalism tutorials and a fantastic tricks the beginners.

Just remember that a lot of these tricks rely upon delivery. A lot of them are so fundamentally simple that if you don’t deliver them in a way that creates a bit of suspense. They don’t have anywhere near the same impact.


Mentalism revealed – Draw an image from a sentence picked randomly from a book

The performer in this mentalism act is Max Martin. I think that he is amazing, a really good mentalists that doesn’t receive a lot publicity outside of the US. A lot of amazing mentalists have been overshadowed by Derren Brown

This act is quality and will help to show you quite a few different principles all added together in one act and you should watch this mentalism tutorial if you don’t watch any others. Ignore the grainy quality it’s old.

It’s really well done and appears quite complicated with a lot of factors involved that make it seem even more impressive. First he asks five members of the audience to write down five different numbers between 0 – 400. Another audience member he then asks to make a choice of 3 books, pick one. He then gives him the card with the numbers on and tells the man with the book to read the opening sentence in the book in his own head. Then he draws a woman with fake hair. The sentence the man was thinking of was “hair no not hair it’s a wig”

Pretty impressive as you can see from the audiences reactions. So there are 3 factors to control here

  1. Making the man choose the right book
  2. Giving the man the correct numbers from the business card
  3. Making him pick the right number out of the 5 choices on the card.

Okay the book choice is forced out of three there is one specific book you want him to pick

  1. Equivoque covers this very simply as with many acts in magic you can always force a choice out of three objects. Tell your subject to pick 2 objects, if the subject doesn’t pick up the book you want tell them to discard both. If he does pick up your book tell him to hand one to you. If you have the book say we will use that one. If he has it then tell him to use that one.
  2. The card force set which has your 5 forced numbers on it in this instance (101, 184, 390, 85, 182). Break above the bottom two cards as he turns he does a half pass rolling the two cards on the bottom. So when he shows the man with the book he will see the numbers on his force card.
  3. Well this is the hardest part of the trick making him pick the right number. But in this instance it doesn’t matter as the book he has picked has a peculiar feature that in each of those pages the starting sentence is something about artificial hair. So as long as he draws something related to fake hair he will be right.

You can learn a lot from this mentalism tutorial even if you don’t replicate the act entirely itself the principles here are excellent.

Elephants in Denmark mentalism trick tutorial

okay, so I’d like to start off the mentalism tricks revealed section with this tutorial. It doesn’t need any props you don’t need coins are cards and it can work really well, but is really basic but it’s pretty neat how it shows that even with free will. People make general selections.

This can easily be played off is a mind reading technique. I was told the audience member what they’re thinking, and nine times out of 10 you going to get it right. If you get it wrong. Don’t worry, just play off a move onto the next act. That said, it’s not big acts to doesn’t really matter too much to get this one wrong. Watch the video and he explains exactly how we does it as well.


Mentalism card trick to make people think they have psychic power.

The act

AJ from free magic live has an amazing trick. This is an excellent mentalism card trick revealed here. AJ doesn’t tell you how to do it himself but I will in the breakdown. The best thing about this mind reading technique is that you get the audience engaged you make them believe they have some sort of telepathic power. It’s awesome. Watch the video below and we will reveal how to do this mentalism trick.

How it works

AJ peaks the deck at 1:04 while he is asking her if there are any markings on the back of the card. He uses subtle misdirection to allow him to peak and now he knows what the bottom card on the deck is (the six of hearts) after shuffling the card. Next he spreads them out on the table taking note of where the card he knows is. The first card he calls for her to pick up is the one he knows where it is in this case the six of hearts. Then he looks at the card she chose the see if she is “right” this is where he sees what card she picks up was and tells her to pick up this card for her next car. Each time he looks at a card he tells her to pick that up as her next one. Its important you don’t let her look but you look yourself. The last card he picks is the one he knows where it is the six of hearts the card from the bottom of the pack.

The biggest problem is getting the mark to remember the cards they picked they pick four whilst under an act where they are more bothered to see “The Magic” so it could be better if you get them to write it down or another audience member to write down the cards.

Easy Mind Reading Trick

This mentalism tutorial is from Julian’s magician school. You have got to love Julian he has some great content on his site. In This trick much like the one from AJ above you make the audience member believe they are using some mentalism ability to pick a different coloured card from the pack. Not much really has to be said about this act Julian reveals this mentalism trick for free and does a fantastic breakdown.

Spoon bending

so I saved this one to last just because it’s spoon bending and it goes well with mentalism acts made famous by Uri Geller, but also perhaps it’s not the greatest trick once you know how it’s done.

Paul Wetherby is a fantastic magician and in this tutorial shows you how to do a magic trick that is fascinated people from many generations. The spoon bending acts. This act was made famous first by an Iranian magician called Uri Geller, which will no doubt be familiar with. He first started performing this act over 40 years ago and it’s still incredibly popular with magicians today.

This video has received quite a few thumbs down to the simple reason that the trick is so easy. A lot of people are very disappointed when their knowledge to answer to it. Uri Geller use this trick himself you can even see him do it in live performances. If you carefully watch before he performs the acts. It’s all about preparation.

I suggest you watch the video first and trying to see how we does it before he explains and it loses its mystique.

Are you need to do is get a selection of cheap spoons, the cheaper the better. Layout the spoons in front of you, say, five so and give one to an audience member to inspect. Give another to another audience member to inspect and as you cross over simply bend the spoon you have in your other hand against the table and you’re set to perform the act. Our units do then is hold the spoons in such a way that the audience cannot see the bend and start waving it so gradually the bend is there for them to see, but it will appear as if it is done gradually. Again, it’s very simple. A lot of people think it’s too simple and discredit the acts because once you know how it’s done. It loses its magic, but is a fantastic example of the power of misdirection.