Amazing mentalism tricks

In this page is and when a show some mentalism tricks I really like this doesn’t mean that I’m going to show you how they done. If you’re after knowledge on how to do tricks, then visit the mentalism tutorial page. Though I will show you how a few of the easier tricks are performed the full scale months of preparation Derren brown acts I will not for obvious reasons. But they are listed here for you to watch.

The tossed out deck

The tossed out deck is very impressive the first time you see it, I remember the first time I saw it, it had me stumped. It’s a very impressive mentalism trick. I also like this video and believe the magician is Gazza, who performs the trick. If you come across a little bit aggressive, but it definitely works to this trick ILove his joking “Whats your name” “yes it is” ,“Wheres your wallet” “fool now I know where your wallet is”, “you look like my third wife” I’ve only been married twice. The trick comprises of throwing a deck out into the audience and having them pass it between five audience members telling them all randomly to pick a card. He then goes on to tell the members of the audience what cards they have picked using his psychic mentalism abilities is a quality act see who can spot how he does it. If you can’t that’s okay, I’ll time you pull or how it is done .



as with most fantastic mentalism tricks the reserve very simple and logical explanation, it’s not actually psychic abilities. The deck only comprises of six cards. This is why the rubber brand and tossing the deck into the audience works so well. The audience clearly thinks that you placed two rubber bands around the deck, so it can be tossed back and forth between the audience without the cards going everywhere. Where the real reason is that it will obscure the ability for the audience members to inspect the cards properly and they won’t notice that there is only six repeating cards. For a video explanation, Check out the video below.

Swami Gimmick

Otherwise known as a Nail writer. Seriously the first time you see one of these it’s one of those aha moments when a lot of things make sense. Now this isn’t a big scale trick but is incredibly impressive in a impromptu one on one or one on a few street magic type of scenario. It’s a very simple device, in essence a pencil that fits under your finger nail or an entire fake thumb with a small bit of lead attached this allows you to secretly write on a piece of paper your subjects answer giving the illusion of mind reading or pre cognition

The Revelation effect

You can’t get much more traditional mentalism than this trick. While there is a lot to be said about whether or not what the author of the revelation effect has done is moral or not the trick is still very good. The revelation effect has been quite effectively advertise and you can buy the trick here. It’s the mind reading trick where you can guess what the person is read down on a piece of paper. The trick is also known as Acidus Novus , which was first brought to magicians by Millard Longman. In essence, it’s a peak trick, but it’s excellent. The original trick from Millard will cost $125 whereas the revelation effect is only $47 you can watch a few videos of it in action here

Derren Brown

With Derren Brown you can learn a lot about showmanship and how to put on great fascinating shows for a wide audience. You will pick up little bits here and there but generally what he does is difficult to replicate and other than being inspiring watching him won’t help you develop in the same way as if you watch tutorials and begin to understand the fundamentals of mentalism. Derren’s particular path of mentalism relies a lot more heavily on psychology and hypnotism rather than props. I strongly recommend you watch all of his material.

Derren Brown BMX

I Love Derren Brown, a lot of magicians who perform will see this as a bit of a obvious or commericla choice but he uses psychology and hypnosis to far better effect than any other mentalism performers you can see commercially. He doesn’t use as many props its mostly mental magic which is for me the purist type of mentalism. Pretty good example of two tricks here. The power of suggestion. This video demonstrates the power of suggestion in the first quote with Simon Pegg where he is subtly convinces Simon that he has always wanted a red BMX to Christmas. There are quite a few hints in this video into how Darren does the trick. Obviously it’s been added to where he wants it to such not reveal the whole trick, but it does give hints. Notice how you reinforce is the things he says While touching Simons arm.

Derren Brown Paying with money

As he says himself that this is a little cheeky. In this clip can see Darren going to store owners in New York and paint the goods with a blank piece of paper which they have been led to believe is actually money. For obvious reasons . He doesn’t show you exactly how the trick is done or prior to the trick if they’ve been hypnotised, but it’s an impressive feat nevertheless.

Any of the Stage show by Derren Brown

Derren has a whole host of shows that last more than an hour some of them are Something Wicked This Way Comes, Evening of Wonders, Enigma and Svengali.

This is a pretty good stage show he did a while ago.

Derren Browns Special Shows

Derren has around 15 shows two that really stand out for me are Apocalypse and The Great Art Robbery. Apocalypse is incredibly elaborate wary convinces one person that they are actually in a zombie apocalypse to see how they react and help them develop as a person. It does seem a little bit harsh and it makes you wonder if the person is psychologically scarred from the whole event, Aaron reassures the audience that all measures are being taken to ensure that he returns to normal life. It’s an excellent show.

The great Art robbery is fantastic for other reasons. Where is in the Apocalypse you don’t actually know how genuine it is, it is possible that there could be actors. With the great Art robbery It shows you exactly how the robberies committed and what mentalism tricks and psychological assumptions people make allow the tricks were carried out.