Master Mentalism Review

Master Mentalism Review – The best way to learn mentalism

okay, so there’s a good chance of being read adverts to this page from another page on this site recommend this product. Before I get into much detail about this product I want to point out that it’s quite hard to find a guide that is really going to deliver results. I’m extremely sceptical and I’ve seen many books and many electronic guides you can download that simply terrible and have rehashed contents that I’ve seen before have been really poorly explained or you can just find it on you tube right away. So I’d always wear and trying find a recommendation before buying any books or guides. I hope you enjoy this Master mentalism review and when a talk about everything I find useful and criticisms of the programme.

The problem trying to learn mentalism

The major problem is spoken about frequently before is that people don’t really want to teach you. No one wants more competition and adult think this is any more prevalent than in magic. Not only if you teach someone do increased competition, but you also give away your secrets on how your magic works which if you audience knows it completely destroys the effect. That’s why magic is a closely guarded secret and mental. It was an being the best type of magic you can imagine. Not many people in the game want to trade their secrets. This creates a sort of chicken and egg dichotomy where can you possibly start to learn if no one’s going to teach you unless you are already at a good level of trade secrets. How do you become a world-class mentalist? How do the world-class mentalist get so good? There is the option of private tuition, but I think the price of this is good are shock you quite a bit. Private tuition is by far the best way to learn and there are people out there who do it and this is how the professionals learn their next level tricks. It’s definitely not all done by trial and error and teaching themselves. Private tuition usually cost around $500 an hour, which is massively out of most people’s budgets. However, there is a man who teaches many of the top performing mentalists and Hollywood shows new tricks that doesn’t like everything being exclusive to those who are rich and he has teamed up with Ryan Clark and develop the master mentalism course.

Don’t get me wrong there are some fantastic mentalism books out there, but a lot of them are a little too dated and hard to read, especially if you’re not the reading type. This being the 21st century there are other alternatives and perhaps better ways to learn than reading directly from a book.


What is Master Mentalism

This brings me to master mentalism. As I mentioned earlier, an extremely sceptical and I approached master mentalism with this mindset that it was to be terrible and another way of some sell-out magician trying to make a few dollars from second-rate tricks. Well, come the been further from the truth Master Mentalism is an electronic course which can download immediately. But how it came about is quite an amazing set of circumstances which favours you incredibly.

Ryan Clark is an author and a writer who has been writing about magic and want to publish a complete guide to mentalism to acquire while though he isn’t at practitioner himself. What happened. However, if he managed to interview and collaborate with other top mentalist and right a full mentalism guide that split the 21st century. The master mentalist isn’t revealed in the course is just referred to as “Mr X”which I think pretty lame, but his identity. Does have to be kept secret for he feels he would be thrown out of the magic community for a given away such secrets to such a low price.

What you get in master mentalism

Well some have described this guide as material that puts you right in the centre of the magic circle and they aren’t wrong. The guide book itself is 200 pages long, which could put a lot of people off, but let me tell you the content inside is excellent and it doesn’t feel like it’s filled with fluff at all. The book is progressive and starts off very easily and with very simple principles and works towards much harder and more difficult tricks I would say case of everyone. If you haven’t got much magic experience a lot on be intimidated by it, and if you consider yourself a veteran you definitely will still learn something from it. The offer is clearly written before, which had stated he is a professional author collaborating with a mentalist. All the tricks are described in detail and have very clear photos leaving no ambiguity in how to perform the tricks.

Perhaps my largest criticism of the guide is it’s a little bit short on card magic, which is intrinsic with a lot of mentalism tricks is very easy to do card magic and you can get a very good response from the crowd. This isn’t too much of a problem more. There are more than abundant amount of card tricks available for free online, and even on this website. Also it looks like the Author has taken note of this criticism and included as a bonus, a guide of 500 card tricks absolutely free.

How much is it?

Okay mentioned that it was a small price and that’s true it is especially with respect to the prices of other books and guides the magic a single peak magic trick from Millard Longman cost $125. That’s for a single trick with no exaggeration. If you want to buy the dummies video guide to mentalism from Amazon set you back $900 massively overpriced. Please don’t even consider that. The entire master mentalism guide can be bought a $50. Actually, you don’t even need to pay to the first part of it if you just follow this link. You get a video tutorial for a really nice trick if you give them your email. There will send you another five excellent tricks for free to your inbox. You really have nothing to lose. Just learn a few free tricks and see the style of how they work. If you like it. I strongly recommend you go ahead and buy the full guide and if whatever reason you don’t like that you can get your money back within 60 days more questions asked. Believe me, you want one single penny back. It’s amazing.


for the money I don’t think you can buy better mentalism learning material than The master mentalism course. That’s why it’s my recommendation for anyone whether they be brand-new to mentalism are quite experienced to buy this. Don’t miss out on their exclusive no obligation to buy free material you can visit their site here