Mentalism Books

Okay, so learning to become a mentalist isn’t the easiest task to do. You can read our section on how to become a mentalist for a few hints and tips. But some point. If you want get any good farming mentalism you going to step away from learning the odd trick from you Tube and get some proper learning resources that are going to teach the fundamentals and principles of performing magic and mentalism. Now you might not think so, but there is a lot of information out there that can help you in your pursuit to learn mentalism. In this section will go look at mentalism books and discuss your options and the best route to take.

Okay, so the most frequently cited book to read. If you want to learn mentalism is 13 steps to mentalism. The title also gives a little bit of weight to the book, you can’t mistake it for anything else, it’s obviously a book that can help you become a mentalist. But it’s not necessarily the best first choice for a number of reasons. Although the information held on in it is timeless. The writing style is a little bit old, making it difficult to read. I think a lot of people learn much better through other mediums, especially today, where you have the option of watching videos and downloading e-book’s full with pictures that can show you exactly precisely how to perform tricks. Best course I’ve ever found for learning mentalism is the master mentalism course you can really read the review here or visit the official site here. At the moment they have a special offer where you don’t even have to spend a penny. You can watch an excellent video tutorial showing you how to perform a fantastic mentalism trick for free and if you like it have a few more sent directly to your inbox. It’s great if you want some great tricks for free. The other exception to get in 13 steps to mentalism is if you are completely new to magic and performing under a little unsure about yourself and magic in general, then I would recommend it in a book called the amateur magician’s Handbook. It can assure you all the fundamentals of performing magic and really everyone should read it before you venture off into a specific branch of magic.

13 steps to mentalism

13 steps to mentalism is written by and is considered one of the cornerstones of learning mentalism magic, the other being practical mental magic. Originally it was in 13 separate pamphlets, one for each chapter of mentalism , such as mind reading, using pneumonic’s and card tricks that was bought separately. These pamphlets have been compiled into a single book, which is what it is today.

Most mentalists who read this book, read it in its entirety, but do not discard afterwards they keep it is frequently use reference book to refer to when they have a new trick I would just like to check up on something. It covers most aspects of mentalism from the very simple stuff to a lot more elaborate and complicated illusions. It does assume that you have some props for some of the tricks, but that’s not really a problem. The only real criticism is that it was written in 1944, and some of the language and examples are a little outdated, but without much effort you can apply everything to real-world modern situations.

It’s an absolute timeless classic that has helped countless mentalists craft their art you can find it on amazon here

The amateur magician’s Handbook

as stated, the amateur magician’s Handbook is a book that every aspiring magician should own it’s teachers the fundamental principles of performing magic and it should be the foundation for anyone who is remotely interested in performing. you should get it if you haven’t got it already. The best prices i have found are on amazon

Practical mental magic.

The If 13 steps to mentalism is one of the cornerstones mentalism books, then practical mental magic is the other. If you ever visit any magic forums and see people asking which mentalism books to buy, it’s usually a tossup between these two books. Personally should probably own both of them.

Practical mental magic was written by Theo Anneman it was published in 1944 Unfortunately, and then never got to see the finished book being published as he died two years before it was put together and published. A total gem of a book and it can be found of course at amazon

What everybody is saying.

Being able to read a persons body language is an incredibly important task for inspiring mentalist. A person is away. More information from their body language than they do from the verbal communication. What everybody is saying is written by an ex-CIA agent whose job it was to interrogate and investigate whether people are telling lies. I tell the truth. You couldn’t learn from a better person than someone who’s dedicated their lives trying to tell the people are lying are not. This book will certainly help you discover a person’s true intentions, even if they try and hide it. You can grab this book for cheap here