Mind Mimic Trick

If you are unfamiliar with the mind and metric that it’s quite possible that this is can blow your mind, this and the book test might be my two favorite mind reading tricks. There are so many different ways to do the mind mimic trick that will make people think that you can read their minds. It’s also possible to use the man limit trick to make other people believe they have got some kind of psychic ability. I’m going to see two different ways of doing this trick the first involves the video from free magic live featuring JJ but it doesn’t give an explanation for the trick I will do that here.

Okay here is JJ performing my mimic trick hope you enjoy it.

The key to this trick is to be one step ahead or perhaps one step behind depending on your point of view. You can see at 103 JJ has a quick peek at the deck while he uses misdirection to have her look at the cards to investigate whether the pack is okay. What he’s done is useful to the bottom card on the deck so when he spreads out the cards on the table he knows exactly where the bottom card is exactly what it is. The value of this card (six of hearts) will be the first one that you quests are to get.

So JJ asks her to pick the six of hearts and she picks a card at random. JJ then have looked at this card to see she is “right or not”. This is his way of getting the value of the next card that he suggests you retrieve. This process continues until JJ satisfied with the amount of cards she has picked. I’ll lay out in a table so it’s easier to understand.


AJs suggested card , Actual card

Six of hearts, Seven of hearts

Seven of hearts, King of clubs

King of clubs, King of diamonds

King of diamonds, Six of hearts

On the last card he suggests he should that he should pick it and then he says he will pick up the king of diamonds but picks up the six of hearts. You will notice that it’s the six of hearts if you watch the video from where he peaks the card to where he slides out the deck.

As with most tricks it’s all about delivery and using misdirection and a little bit of theatrics to keep the subject getting what they should be paying attention to. By telling the subject that she has the power and that she is to be performing the trick it engages her more and get some more interested. JJ also needs to look at each card to use the mimic prediction to tell her which card to get next. But it’s important that he doesn’t let her see the card so it needs to pretend that he’s looking as is curious to see she is getting it right or wrong. This is really a trick and pretty simple once you know how to use mimic tricks.


My mimic without a set of cards

obviously you can apply the mind mimic principles to more than just cards, incorporate into your own tricks and performances at will.

In this simple trick you want us one of the spectators a bunch of seemingly personal questions and correctly predicts what they have asked using mind mimic principles. What you need is a pen and five pieces of paper for yourself and a pen and five piece of paper for the Spectator. You will then asked them a series of personal questions (they don’t have to be invasive). They write down the answer each question you supposedly write down the answer to that question and you both put the answers in separate bowls.

Again this is probably easier demonstrated from using a table to lay out this questions and answers that you will be writing.

Example questions

Question, spectators answer, magicians answer

What is your favourite color, blue, carrot

What is your birthday 22 january, blue

Whats your favourite animal, cat, January

Whats your dream job, film director, cat

Name a vegetable, Carrot, film director.

Okay so on the first question you asked them what their favorite color is to which they write down the answer “blue”. You then tell the audience that you are going to write down your prediction but you write down carrot and put it in the bowl. The only thing you need to do is you need to make the subject announce what her answer was. An easy way to do this You both written down your “answers “ is to say that some people don’t think you cheating and switching the ball are switch on the answers you want her to tell everyone what she’s just written down. Now you know her answer to the favourite colour you can write this down as your next answer. So the next question you will ask what a birth years she will give the answer in this example 22 January but you write down the answer from a last question which is blue. Then ask I tell the audience what she wrote down and have your answer to the next question. The last question you want to have one that’s almost forced answer in this instance is then a vegetable and 90% of people always choose carrots. So you can get this right most of the time even if you get this last question wrong is to go a fantastic hit race your people will like the trick.

It’s the same mimic principles as in the first trick with JJ and you can use it in a variety of settings.

Derren brown uses the mind mimic principle to play 9 chess masters against themselves without them realizing it. There are the impression that he is playing 9 of them individually and is confident he will be more than half. All these doing is using my mimic technique and remembering the last person’s mood and using it against one of his opponents so he will win half but is also played a single game against person he deems the weakest. Memorize and the moves is the most impressive feat in this trick. I’ve embedded the video but like I said be created with the my mimic principles and you can make some really good tricks