Elephants in Denmark

The elephants in Denmark trick is a trick that I would consider is gimmicky and it’s very easy to work out but it’s a good warmup trick and you don’t need any props. There are lots of variations to this trick in different ways to deliver it but the fundamental principles rely the same and you going to be relying on people making similar choices and narrow in their choices while giving the illusion that they still have a lot of choice.

As I said this is a little bit gimmicky anything I really don’t like about it most is the mathematical equation that is used. It doesn’t take much of a mathematician to know that no matter what number you pick at the start the answer is always going to be four. Anyway here is a trick. You can watch a trick here the video also does an excellent job of explaining how the mind reading trick is done but I will also talk at how it’s done and other slight variations.

The first thing you need to do is use a mathematical equation to get your subject to the number 4. I shall subject to choose a number between one and 10 and then multiply by nine. E.G. 5, 5 x 9 = 45. Next you need to ask them to add the two digits if got together , Because of the nine times table at this point you will always end up with two digits that once they are together will make nine. The final step at this point is to ask them to subtract five at number and they will always get four.

Next you need to get the corresponding letter in the alphabet that number. So 1 = A, 2=B etc. they will pick “D”. That sparked off and think the country begin with the letter they have. This is almost always going to be Denmark even if people try to fight it the typical can’t think of another country begin with D (there aren’t many, Dominican republic possibly) and therefore have to choose Denmark by default.

Next he asked them sequentially think of the next letter in the alphabet which would be “E” and think of an animal beginning with that, again this is most always going to be elephant, but there are are other choices such as an eagle or electric eel. But seriously everyone picks elephant which has a totally random fact spend 22 hours a day eating you can throw at fact out there your performance if you want. The performer then goes on to ask think of the colour of the animal. And I like the way he delivers it saying “why would you be thinking of grey elephants in Denmark”.

There are many variations to this trick especially after you get to the point of thinking of a country. Once you have Denmark you can continue and bump up the letter as in the video shown above or you could ask them to think of an animal that begins with the last letter of the country they thought of in this case it would be “K” most the time people think of kangaroo. You can then asked them to think of a colour that begins with the last letter of the animal they thought of which would be “O” people usually pick orange. So in this case they will have an orange kangaroo in Denmark.

This is an easy trick and it doesn’t need the use of any props but it’s quite easy to work out but for a bigger it’s perfect and remember it’s all about delivery and engaging your audience. Make them think there’s more at play than there actually is.